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WE services

Water Resources Assessments

WE Consult undertakes assessment studies of the available water resources, both groundwater and surface water and both water quality and water quantity. Water Resources Assessments provide the foundation to make informed decisions on developing water supplies, but also to predict the impact of climate change on water resources. We provide rural and urban borehole siting services, using geophysical techniques to pinpoint high potential locations for boreholes. We carry out borehole drilling (supervision) and rehabilitation, as well as borehole test-pumping supervision and analysis. Our hydrogeological expertise enables a sustainable and optimal development of water resources. We also assist in water resources development feasibility and planning studies, and rainwater harvesting options.


Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

Strategic Environmental and Social Impact Assessments have become a formal requirement when developing new projects. In association with social and environmental specialists, we are able to assist you in environmental, social and economic impact assessments in all development sectors, including also Resettlement Action Plans. We conduct large-scale baseline, mid-term and end line surveys to analyse household development, gender equality aspects, reproductive health, willingness to pay and other project requirements and impacts where our enumerators use tailor-made software and tablets to ensure rapid assessments.


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene are among the most important sectors for development throughout Africa. In order to get insight into the sustainability of WASH programs, it is important to provide updated assessments of the operational sustainability of the provided water and sanitation services. We carry out surveys for WASH implementation programs, including household surveys, community focus group discussions and stakeholder interviews. We also assist in community mobilization and in water and environmental sanitation and hygiene education.


We can help you identify the most ideal source of water supply, either surface or groundwater. WE Consult is highly experienced in conducting catchment yield analyses for surface water supply, and geophysical field surveys (both 1D profiling, 2D ERT and VES) to identify and quantify groundwater sources.


Integrated Water Resource Management

Integrated Water Resource Management is of vital importance to the sustainable development and management of water resources at a catchment level. WE Consult has experience developing integrated catchment management plans from micro catchments to Nile River sub catchments, incorporating economic, social, environmental and cultural elements.


We can assist with data collection, database set-up and management and management information systems (MIS) for any project requirement. We have experience developing water monitoring networks as well as its related database development. Through the years, we have also developed a database of a large amount of maps and data in the countries we work in, which we use in our projects.


WE Consult is able to assist you with various activities required for agricultural development ranging from topographic surveys, soil surveys, agro-economic analyses, irrigation requirements, irrigation system design and implementation. We have experience in developing ground- or surface water based water supply for irrigation and the design of irrigation schemes.