WaterAid Baseline Nicoadala

Narrative description of project:

The objective of the survey was to create a baseline the Nicoadala district which involved the systematic collection of information on the current water and sanitation infrastructure and creating a profile of the communities hygiene practices.

The main objectives underlying the baseline survey were:

1.     Identify the existing infrastructure for water supply and sanitation, and current levels of coverage.

2.     Assessment of the level of awareness within the target population about the common practice of hygiene and sanitation.

3.     Indicate the technologies of water, sanitation and hygiene practices used at family level and collectively used in the District.

4.     Diagnose the expectations and needs of the target group in relation to hygiene and environmental sanitation.

5.     Identify local associations and / or organizational groups within the target population who have experience in the area or you can help to improve access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the district.

6.       Recommend alternative solutions on problems encountered with regard to water supply, sanitation and hygiene.

Description of services provided by our staff:

1.     Development of data collection tools

2.     Community assessment and selection

3.     Training of field staff & enumerators

4.     Data processing

5.     Management and Quality control of collected data

6.     Detailed reporting