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WASH Baseline Study in Boane, Mozambique

WASH Baseline Study for Wateraid, Boane – Mozambique (2015)

The study aimed to present an analysis describing the situation prior to the interventions of WaterAid in the District of Boane. This will allow WaterAid to assess the level of achievement of project objectives. Several indicators of possible outcomes were established. Some of these are quantitative, others are related to the qualitative objectives of WaterAid over the management of WASH services and behavioral change. The baseline study report presents data indicators by which any future improvement of WASH can be evaluated and data may be evaluated in particular with respect to indicators established while at the same time identifying the roles of other stakeholders in the sector. The overview is essential to the success of the project as it will identify needs and will guide the formulation of plans that have the greatest potential to improve health and hygiene of the community through improved water and sanitation services.

One of the challenges of any research is to collect a representative sample in the limited time period available. Together with the client, it was decided to sample 10% of the district’s population divided into 26 communities, in order to ensure a set of data that is statistically valid for the Boane district as a whole. 1665 households were interviewed within the universe of a total of 16,315 households in Boane district. Also, additional information was collected through interviews and observations in 18 schools in Boane and all (14) health centers were visited in the district. As a separate part of the study, all the (point) water sources were subject to a technical evaluation.

Description of services provided by our staff:

  • Hire and train field staff for the survey
  • Assist with logistics and supervision of field staff
  • Provide contextual guidance during study planning and implementation
  • Coordinate with Client (Wateraid)
  • Interview households, key stakeholders
  • Infrastructure Audit and Mapping Exercise
  • Data processing, statistical report compilation and submission of data
  • Preparation and submission of the draft and final report