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Oxford Value for Money Wash

Narrative description of project:

WE Consult Mozambique has been contracted by Oxford Policy Management to complete two major objectives:


·          Research DFID-funded WASH implementation programmes to identify how  delivery can be made more sustainable, efficient and effective, and to identify the potential to reduce unit costs

·         To provide updated regional assessments of the operational sustainability of provided water and sanitation services in Mozambique


Data was collected at both the household and community level. There were four primary data collection activities, namely: community survey, household survey, water-point inspection and qualitative research. For the household survey, 1260 Households were interviewed in  9 Provinces


Description of services provided by your staff:

·         Government approval

·         Sampling PSUs

·         Listing and sampling households

·         Developing the survey instruments

·         Pre-testing of survey tools

·         Translation

·         Supplies and logistics

·         Training and piloting

·         Data collection

·         Data entry and cleaning (CSPro)

·         Data analysis

·         Qualitative data analysis and report

·         Report writing