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Mangement of ORIO project development

Management of ORIO project development phase for the irrigation infrastructure development for organic sugarcane in Chemba

Client: ZVDA (Zambezi Valley Development Agency)

Chemba and the surrounding rural communities suffer from pronounced poverty and vulnerability. Most of the income is generated with cropping and small livestock, which is difficult because of limited rainfall. Due to absence of any infrastructure or real socio-economic opportunities the area cannot reach a higher level of development.

The objective of this project is to increase income and food security for 615 households (3200 people) in and around Chemba. The solution proposed to achieve this objective is facilitating households’ access to and productive use of irrigation infrastructure for small irrigated vegetables and food crop plots (for food security) and for organic sugarcane production for the company Eco Farm (for income security). The irrigation system consists of all required infrastructure for the irrigation of about 2,126 hectares.