Irrigation survey for NUAC

Irrigation survey for Northen Uganda Agriculture and Construction Ltd at Purongoi, Gulu District

Client: Northern Uganda Agricultural and Construction (NUAC) Ltd.

The objective of the study is therefore to identify required activities to ensure that no crops are lost to drought taking into account a proper cost benefit analysis.

The activities for the study were:

1) A water demand assessment. How much water is required to irrigate the different types of crops in view of the prevailing climatologic conditions;

2) A water resources assessment study, indicating what source of water may be available on the farm and/or close to the farm. The Consultant looked at the information of existing boreholes in the area, aerial photos (to identify fractured zones that have to be targeted to get high yields), rainfall, topography and stream flow. A catchment analysis was done for the locations feasible for valley tank construction.

3) A water development analysis, indicating the different methods and preliminary cost estimates for the development of those sources and storage facilities.

4) A detailed study into the irrigation possibilities taking into account the requirements for different crops and focusing on the different types of irrigation.

5) A preliminary implementation and investment plan, indicating the preliminary costs for construction and supervision and a proper time frame.