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Ireland Aid

Narrative description of project:

The aim of this study was to update the hydrogeological model of the aquifer in the greater Maputo area and conduct an additional hydrogeological study. A number of maps and profiles outlining the Maputo aquifer were updated. During eight weeks aguaflow and WE-consult co-operated in order to develop a calibrated transient ground water model. For this purpose, Visual Modflow was used.

The work can be divided into three main activities:

  1. the translation of the drillings and vertical electrical soundings (VES) into a three dimensional field of occurrence and thicknesses of aquifers and aquitards
  2. the analysis of the observed heads and electrical conductivities (EC)
  3. importing all available data into the groundwater model


Description of services provided by our staff:

  • Geophysical survey
  • Assessment of Geophysical information
  • Hydrogeological model update
  • Training of ARA-Sul staff
  • Detailed reporting