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Improving livelihoods of farming communities

Improving livelihoods of farming communities through adoption of small-scale/family irrigation systems in Pader District, Northern Uganda

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During the pilot project, two systems were put in place, one with a farmer field school and one with an individual farmer. These systems were put in to study the challenges of setting up and running an irrigation system, the required inputs and outputs, and the prospects for financing through meso loans / micro-credits or other forms of loans. Drip irrigation systems of 0.25 acre (1,000 m2) have been installed. WE Consult was contracted to provide the agricultural expert for evaluation of the plots and implementation of the project.

The objective of the project is to improve livelihoods of selected farming communities in Pader District by introducing the concept of small-scale irrigated agriculture for horticultural production to motivated farmers trained in Farmer Field Schools. The piloting is expected to provide a more in-depth insight in the potential for small-scale drip irrigation in Northern Uganda, additional income from the technology for 3 different crops as well as the inputs required. The potential for sustainable implementation and feasibility for expansion with minimal donor support and the potential for provision of micro-credits would be would be known.

Drip irrigation layout
Group training