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Hotspot identification and mapping in Kiiha Watershed

Hotspot identification and mapping in Kiiha Watershed, Masindi and Hoima Districts

Client: Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE)

The limited resources of the Kiiha Watershed area are under pressure due to a rapidly increased population. In a bid to increase productivity and household income, various socio-economic activities have greatly affected the state of natural resources and environment in Kiiha watershed. The quality and quantity of water available for production and domestic use is likely to be compromised if the trend continues as it is. With the current climate variability and climate change impacts, integration of irrigation with rainfed agriculture has become inevitable.

WE consult was assigned to identify hydrological degraded hotspot/priority areas in the watershed/catchment and to give recommendations as to priorities. An assessment of the current state and potential of environmental systems in the watershed was made to inform the formulation of an integrated watershed/catchment management plan for continued ecological and socio-economic benefits.