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AIGHD Sexual Behaviour Study

Narrative description of project:

The objectives of the research are a) to identify and analyze the determinants for the consistent use of contraceptive methods among women between 18 to 49 years old; b) assess the impact of the family planning program implemented by Pathfinder Mozambique regarding the empowerment and sexual behavior of women.


The study included approximately 1200 women who voluntarily participated in a baseline, mid-term and Enline survey. Of these women, 250 were randomly selected to take part in a different study were high-frequency data was collected on their sexual activities, through picture-based diaries (coital diaries) which were self-administered by the study participants, and socio-economic circumstances, through weekly short structures interviews were conduct for an approximate period of 6 months.


The study instruments used included paper based questionnaire developed by the client and then adapted and translated by WE Consult to Portuguese. For the sexual diaries study paper based questionnaire were adapted by the consultant into CAPI format.



Description of services provided by your staff:

·         Communication with government authorities

·         Adaptation and translation of study tools

·         Creation of input tools

·         Logistics, transportation, recruitment and training of enumerators

·         Data Collection

·         Data Entry

·         Cleaning and checking of data