Narrative description of project:

The deployment of the expert advisor is blazing the trail for the larger bilateral ODA program by the Embassy to support ARA-Zambeze, as well as contributing to the twinning relationship with Waterschap De Dommel. The expert will work under the responsibility and management of ARA Zambeze.


Description of services provided by our staff:

  • Support the Director of ARA-Zambeze with the starting of the Dutch bilateral support program
  • Recruiting the long-term Technical Assistance (preparing ToR and tender process and being involved in the evaluation of the tender)
  • Elaborate, in cooperation with Waterschap de Dommel a Strategic Action Plan for the management of ARA-Zambeze
  • Elaborate the Terms of Reference for a Revenue Generation Plan and pre-identify possible service providers
  • Assist in the contracting of an independent consultant/auditor, who will verify the existing accounting procedures, management of funds, procurement procedures and internal control mechanism
  • Liaise with Waterschap De Dommel