Sustainable rural water supplies through a unique implementation approach

In Uganda WE Consult has formed a long term working relationship with a drilling company called TGS Water and an NGO called Link to Progress LTP to realize high standard water supplies in the rural areas of Northern Uganda. Together we work with the fundraising partners in the Netherlands. The combined knowledge and capacities of the organisations and sharing of basic costs (office, administration, transport, staff) leads to high quality low cost end products. The internal procedures of the companies and NGO, their ideas and ideals are streamlined. The NGO is managed and set up according to professional private sector standards.

The synergy of the partners ensures that donors of LTP get real value for money. Water projects through LTP cost half the money other larger NGOs are budgeting for and the thorough knowledge of the water resources situation in Uganda of the local partners allows LTP to select the cheapest type of water source. We all believe that highly professional services form the basis for the development of sustainable rural water supplies

Professionalism leads to sustainability