Key Staff

We are a group of water resources and environmental specialists, GIS and database experts, engineers and consultants providing professional advice and management for development projects in Eastern and Southern Africa. Please check out our key staff below:

Clarissa Mulders - Managing Director, Uganda

Mrs Mulders holds an MSc in Natural Resource Management and has built up over twenty-three years of professional experience in various aspects of water resources investigations, of which the majority is in East Africa. She is mainly involved in project planning and management, monitoring and evaluation of water and sanitation projects, supervision of drilling programmes and other water resource development (borehole site investigations) and water resource assessment (groundwater modelling) projects. Mrs Mulders has worked in Kenya, Uganda, Central African Republic, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sudan, The Netherlands and Argentina.

In December 1996, she founded Water, Environment & Geo Services Ltd (WEGS) and is currently managing director and water resources specialist with WE Consult Uganda. As day-to-day manager, she is in charge of acquisition and project management of the company.

Ron Sloots - Director, Uganda

Mr Sloots is a Ugandan resident with twenty years of professional experience in various aspects of hydrogeology, water well drilling, water supplies, and rural development.

He is mainly involved in project development and management of all types of water supply projects and water sector information management projects. He is experienced in hydrogeological (water resources assessment studies, borehole and shallow well sitings, well designs) and geophysical (resistivity, electromagnetic and seismic prospecting) investigations in various geological environments. Mr Sloots has been in charge of numerous water supply projects implementation, design and feasibility studies. Furthermore he has designed and conducted training courses in contract management and drilling supervision for both central and local governments’ staff. Mr Sloots has been involved in contract supervision, database management and design, GIS design and analysis, GPS mapping, procurement, project management, financial management and administration. Mr. Sloots has worked in the Netherlands, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia, DRC, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan, Botswana, Kenya, Central African Republic, Jordan, Israel and the West Bank.

As director of WE consult Uganda he is mainly responsible for acquisition, project management and financial management.

Ivo van Haren - Director, Mozambique

Ivo van Haren is a Hydrogeologist with 25 years of experience in all fields of water resources management. His key expertise is in hydrogeology, project / program management, trans-boundary water management, institutional development, water policy, water resources assessments and data analysis. He has substantial working experience in Botswana, Burkina Faso, Israel, Jordan, Mozambique, Netherlands, Palestine, Swaziland, South-Africa, Syria and Yemen. He is co-founder and shareholder of WE Consult Mozambique and currently general director.

Ivo van Haren worked as project manager and hydrogeologist in many projects in Mozambique, such as the development of a groundwater monitoring network and groundwater model for the main aquifer in south of Mozambique, location and development of a well field for Quelimane, environmental baseline study for the EEA project area in Palma and Quionga and groundwater study for the Nhartanda Valley aquifer system in Tete. Ivo van Haren has also been lecturing hydro-geology and hydrology at the Eduardo Mondlane University.

He worked as Program Coordinator of the PRIMA program, which aimed at realizing the objectives of the agreement between South-Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique to promote cooperation among the Parties and ensure the protection and sustainable utilization of the water resources of the Incomati and Maputo water courses. He previously worked as project manager of a project to improve the cooperation between the Israeli Water Authority, the Palestinian Water Authority and the Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation through the development of a Decision Support System for the reuse of waste water.

Wouter Rhebergen - WASH Expert, Mozambique

Wouter Rhebergen has a M.Sc. in Earth Sciences from the Vrije Universiteit (VU) of Amsterdam. The focus of his studies lay on Hydrology, Natural Resource Management, Geographical Information Science and International Development. After his studies, he joined WE Consult in Mozambique to start work as a project officer in 2009.

Mr. Rhebergen has gained substantial experience in project evaluations and monitoring of WASH programmes as well as socio-economic surveys in other areas such as agriculture, reproductive health and women’s empowerment. Starting as a field supervisor he has now been involved in many studies as technical manager at WE Consult Mozambique for a range of clients including UNICEF, Millennium Challenge Account Mozambique, Worldvision, Wateraid, government and other NGOs. The most notable projects he was involved in include the 2013 and 2014 Sustainability Checks for the UNICEF Rural WASH Programme in Mozambique; The Value for Money in WASH survey for DFID in Mozambique and the baseline Survey for the Nampula WASH Programme for UNICEF.

Besides this, he has substantial experience in acquisition, GIS, geophysical fieldwork, drilling supervision, database management and reporting. He has professional experience in Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Frank Meins - M.Sc. - Managing Director, Zambia

Mr. Frank Meins has five years of professional experience in various aspects of water management and engineering in both The Netherlands and South-Eastern Africa. Frank holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and an M.Sc. in Water Engineering and Management from the University of Twente. Part of his studies included work in Indonesia where he developed a hydrological model for channel flow in tropical peat land.  He also has experience from Kenya with the setting up of a monitoring network for the upstream basins to Lake Naivasha and training of government hydrologists including operating hydrological model software.

In The Netherlands he has worked as a project engineer in the field of flood protection working on multi-disciplinary projects with a focus on geotechnical engineering and dike safety.

Frank currently works for Aquaquest Ltd. as a water resources consultant and managing director of the company. He is responsible for the day to day management of the company as well as management of field programmes that cover hydrogeological investigations, geophysical surveys, drilling supervision, test pumping and borehole investigations. He also provides technical support in preparing geohydrological assessments using geographic information systems (GIS) and designs piping networks for irrigation systems.

Marco van der Plas - M.Sc. - Water Resource Development Specialist, Zambia

Mr. Marco van der Plas has 24 years of professional experience in various fields of hydro(geo-)logy, environmental assessment, rural and urban water supply development, project supervision and general programme management. He has carried out assignments for over 200 Clients in the private sector, UN organizations, Government agencies, NGO’s, and medium to large-scale donor-funded water development projects, mainly in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Somalia, Zambia and Mozambique.

From November 2001 to date, Van der Plas has been a long-term Technical Expert and Programme Management Consultant for UN-HABITAT Somalia, in the areas of urban water supply development, basic services and utility management, development of water supply infrastructure and construction management, solid waste management, urban development, construction of public infrastructure and low-cost housing. Tasks also include liaison with central and local authorities, as well as the main donors of the Programme. Since 2013, he has been Programme Coordinator / Team Leader for the Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project (value USD 27.6 million), which is funded jointly by the European Union and the Somaliland Development Fund. The Project involves the reconstruction and upgrading of the 23km long transmission main (600mm DI) between the Ged Deeble wellfield and Hargeisa, replacement and extension of 17km of collection pipelines in the wellfield area, drilling of additional boreholes, and the construction of a new pumping station.

In addition to his ongoing work for UN-Habitat, Mr Van der Plas is an Associate Water Resources Development Consultant with WE-Consult (Uganda) and Aquaquest (Zambia). In 2009, he provided technical inputs and managed the hydrogeological component for the MDTF-funded Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Project for Southern Sudan, implemented under the Ministry of Water Resources & Irrigation (through Euroconsult Mott McDonald). Before this, he reviewed a large scale rural water development programme in Mozambique, carried out by WE-Consult for the Ministry of Housing & Public Works and UNICEF.

Vincent Byarugaba - Water Supply Specialist, Uganda

Mr. Byarugaba Vincent Akiiki is a Water, Sanitation and Construction Engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management of Makerere University, and a diploma in Water Engineering of Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo, Kampala-Uganda. Vincent has 12 years of experience in design, implementation and management of Rural, Urban and Institutional water supply projects. Vincent is conversant with all forms of water supply and sanitation technologies being used in Uganda, and different countries in the region.

Zaida Adriano - Social Expert, Mozambique

Ms. Adriano holds a Bachelor degree in Tourism with guidance to Tourism Planning from Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo de Inhambane - Eduardo Mondlane University. During her bachelor studies she did 3 academic internships in different public and private institutions from the Tourism sector that led to the development of projects and research reports.
In 2013 Ms. Adriano worked as a Project Supervisor on a Youth Volunteer Exchange Program in Mozambique and Canada where she was responsible for managing the participants, the project budget, develop, implement, facilitate and assess informal educational programs with emphasis on Environment, Gender, Health, Culture and others.

She joined WE Consult in March of 2014 to work as a Research Project Assistant in a study about Family Planning and Women’s Empowerment, a Sexual Behaviour Diary Study. Since then she has been involved in various other surveys as the socio-cultural expert.

Harmen van den Berg - Hydrogeologist, Mozambique

Harmen van den Berg has a M.Sc. in Hydrology (specialization Geohydrology) and a B.Sc. in Earth Sciences (specialization Geology) from the VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Mr. van den Berg has gained significant experience in all kinds of groundwater related projects as well as project management and evaluation. His project experience and research activities include, but are not limited to, groundwater modelling, water quality analysis, hydrogeological and geophysical surveys.

From 2010-2014, he has gained a lot of working experience in the field of groundwater modelling, groundwater extraction and dewatering, hydrological impact assessment studies and project management as a Consultant Geohydrology at MWH B.V. in The Netherlands.

Mr. van den Berg is employed by WE Consult Mozambique since July 2014 as a Project Manager Hydrogeology. He worked in several projects in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda, such as the Hydrogeological Study of the Nhartanda Aquifer for the Drinking Water Supply of Tete and the Groundwater / Surface water quality and Soil quality Baseline study in Palma District.

Els Fliervloet - Head Accountant, Zambia

Ms. Fliervoet is the office manager and financial controller for Aquaquest.  Over the past 23 years Els has held progressively senior positions involved with financial control and project administration with GTZ (Niger) and SNV and the Dutch Embassy in Zambia.

She graduated as a botanical analysist from Wageningen College (Netherlands) after which she spent time at Wageningen University in the Plant Science Department.

Andrew Lubwama - Head Accountant, Uganda

Mr Lubwama joined WE consult Uganda in February 2008, where he started as an accounts assistant. After a year, he was elevated to the position of fulltime accountant. As an accountant, Mr Lubwama has built up extensive experience in the preparation, presentation and analysis of financial information to aid in the decision making of our firm. Currently he acts as the financial manager for WE consult Uganda and TGS Water Ltd. He also provides financial advice to WE Mozambique and Aquaquest Zambia. Mr Lubwama has worked in Uganda and Zambia.

Mr Lubwama is fully conversant with QuickBooks accounting software and other office computer software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word and Access.

Mr Lubwama holds a diploma in Business Studies and is currently pursuing further studies to obtain his diploma as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Américo Machaze - Field Engineer, Mozambique

Mr. Machaze obtained the degree of technical expertise at Basic Construction Industrial School in Beira. Medium Level of general education. Mr. Machaze is working for WE Consult for 10 years and is mainly active as field engineer in hydrogeological and geophysical surveys and borehole drilling supervision projects.

His recent project experience includes several geophysical surveys (Niassa, Nampula, Tete and Cabo Delgado Province) and supervision of mechanical construction of boreholes, execution of pump testing and supervision of civil works. Clients include ASNANI, WaterAid, CARE, FIPAG, OXFAM, UNICEF, ARA Zambeze and Eni / CH2MHill. He also acted as field leader in the baseline study for PRONASAR.

Bacelar Muneme - WASH Expert, Mozambiqe

Mr. Muneme holds a Bachelor in Trade and Finance Management in Higher School of Accounting and Management - Pedagogical University of Mozambique - Maputo.

Mr. Muneme started his career in 2007 at the National Institute of Statistics and joined WE Consult in 2011 as Field Coordinator. Mr. Muneme has gained significant experience and contributed considerably to, among others the National Supply and Rural Sanitation project (PRONASAR) and several household and baseline studies in urban and rural environments.

His key qualifications include Rural and urban water supply and sanitation, socio-economic surveys, WASH baseline surveys, project coordination, financial and logistical management, Microsoft Office, data collection using tablets and PDA’s.

Currently he is working as a Young Expert Professional in water sector within the scope of the YEP Water Programme for WE Consult Mozambique.

Wisdom Ntinda - Sr. Hydrogeological Technician, Zambia

Wisdom has been with Aquaquest since 2011 where he is an integrally involved with field based activities covering geophysical surveying, supervision of drilling contractors and conducting hydraulic testing programmes.  Prior to this he worked for Kagem mining for seven years.

Wisdom undertook training in Mechanical Engineering at Northern Technical College in 2003. 

Tohny Tembe - Head Accountant, Mozambique

Mr. Tembe has been working with WE Consult Mozambique from the beginning (2003). He is leading the Financial Department and is Chief Accountant.

John Kaluba - B.Sc. - Junior Hydrogeologist, Zambia

John is a Hydrogeologist with Aquaquest Ltd water resource consultants responsible for field operations. He covers all aspects of field based activities which includes geophysical surveys, drilling supervision, borehole investigations and hydraulic testing.

John is participating in the YEP Water programme, funded by the Dutch government and hosted by the Netherlands Water Partnership.

John holds a Bachelor of Mineral Science in Geology from the University of Zambia.